Grant / loan for studying abroad

Autonomous Community of Catalonia - International Mobility Grants

General information on this grant / loan

Autonomous Community of Catalonia
International Mobility Grants
Eligible countries: 
All countries are eligible

General Description

The purpose of this scholarship is to grant financial support to students who are participating in an international academic mobility programme, thus contributing to the financing of the expenses associated with studying in other countries. The scholarship will amount to €200 per month for a maximum duration of six months.


Candidates must be Spanish citizens or citizens of any member state of the European Union. Applicants must have completed at least 60 ECTS credits at the time of application. In order to apply, students must have an average grade of 5.70 in engineering and architecture or 6.30 in all other branches of knowledge. Applicants must have sufficient knowledge of the language spoken in the host country.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: