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University of Molise (Campobasso/Italy) - Total fee exemption

General information on this grant / loan

University of Molise (Campobasso/Italy)
Total fee exemption

General Description

Special benefits apply to students who meet certain requirements. This benefit may include refund of the first academic fee. Such students are exempted with academic taxes. Regional taxes and tax stamp are not included in this benefit.


Students who resulted suitable for a Scholarship are automatically exempted, either they received the Scholarship or not. Students who are enrolled in the first out-of-course year are eligible, but restrictions apply. Students enrolled in the first academic year, who got a college degree of 60/60 (100/100) also can apply. Students with impairments of 66% or worst are exempted with any academic fee. Students who are suffering difficult situations due to natural disasters can apply. They must produce adequate documentation to be evaluated by the Academic Board.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: