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Polytechnic University of Milan (Milan/Italy) - Scholarships for the right to university education

General information on this scholarship

Polytechnic University of Milan (Milan/Italy)
Scholarships for the right to university education

General Description

The Polytechnic University of Milan awards a series of scholarships to students with good academic performance and low income. These scholarships may be used for participation in International Student Exchange Programmes as well as to receive accommodation and food discounts. The awards may also be Graduation Prizes.


The Lombardia Region will determine the exact criteria of academic performance and income in order to be considered eligible for the prizes. The income main criteria will be the ISEEU and ISPEU Income Indicators of the student´s family. Additionally, the number of credits obtained up to August 10 will also be a criteria in the selection process.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: