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Technische Universität Graz - Nikola-Tesla-Stipendium der Technischen Universität Graz

General information on this scholarship

Technische Universität Graz
Nikola-Tesla-Stipendium der Technischen Universität Graz
Eligible countries: 
All countries are eligible

General Description

The Graz University of Technology offers the Nikola-Tesla-Stipendium to students interested in a period of study abroad. Beneficiaries will be exempted of paying tuitions fees at the TU Graz for a maximum of two academic semesters.


This scholarship is open to regular students of the Graz University of Technology who have successfully completed at least 90 ECTS credits of the relevant degree programme. Candidates are required to be between 20 and 35 years of age. An upper limit of 40 years of age will be applicable in some cases (maternity, mature students). Applicants must be permanent residents of Austria.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: