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Libera Università  Mediterranea (Casamassima/Italy) - Scholarship for Law Degree

General information on this scholarship

Libera Università  Mediterranea (Casamassima/Italy)
Scholarship for Law Degree

General Description

Lum university assigns 4 total exemptions. Students enrolled in a Master degree in Law are eligible. The amount of the exemption is € 3,750.00 every year. This benefit expires after the fifth year.


Candidates with a college degree of at least 80/100 will be considered. Candidates must have achieved their college degree. Only students enrolling in the first academic year of Master degree of law are eligible. Students must not have obtained another kind of Scholarship covering academic fees, from any Authority. The exemption will be renewed every year if the students accomplishes at least 3/4 of the expected exams with an average mark above 27/30. Passing through a written test is required.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: