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General information on this scholarship

Academy of Fine Arts of Venice (Venice/Italy)

General Description

Deserving students at the Conservatory of Padova are endorsed three Scholarship. Each one is worth € 700. The recipients will be assigned a working stage in the library at Teatro Nuovo and Teatro Verdi.


Candidates must be enrolled in an academic year after the first at the Conservatory of Padova. Also candidates enrolled in academic courses of second level are admitted. A triennial degree in a musical discipline, endorsed by AFAM is required. As alternative, a degree in Musicology and Musical Heritage, or a Conservatory degree, will be accepted. The student has to know at least one foreign language. Furthermore, the candidate must produce a scientific CV proving suitability to library activities. Students who are employed at Conservatory, at University, or at research departments can't apply.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: