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University Centre at Blackburn College - £4,000 National Scholarship Award

General information on this scholarship

University Centre at Blackburn College
£4,000 National Scholarship Award

General Description

The National Scholarship Award of £4,000 is available University Centre at Blackburn College. This is offered in cash or kind. It includes the £1,000 Full-Time UCBC Bonus. A total of 125 awards are given annually. It is open to all first year students who have paid £7,000 in full time tuition fees. Second and third year students who were recipients in first year and have met the continuing eligibility requirements are also eligible candidates. Candidates applying for this must be prepared to do a written task. Students studying in the faculty of Science and Technology are prioritized, but students from other areas are also considered. The amount is disbursed in three instalments over the course of the academic year.


You must be an undergraduate student. Non EU residents are not eligible. You should not be a recipient of financial support from any other entity. You must be 21 years or older.

Application deadlines

Applications can be submitted at any time.