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Imperial College London - Ash Music Scholarship

General information on this scholarship

Imperial College London
Ash Music Scholarship

General Description

Students entering Imperial College in the first year of their first undergraduate course have the opportunity to receive up to five music scholarships a year. The scholarships give students the chance to have instrumental or vocal lessons at the Royal College of Music. Ash Music Scholarships are tenable for three years and it will be awarded to the top scholar which will entitle the holder to £100 per year. Besides expected to arrange lessons with their RCM professor to fit in with the academic timetable, the scholars are also expected to take part in the relevant ensemble: orchestral players in Imperial College Symphony Orchestra and singers in Imperial College Choir.


In order to be selected, students must have Evidence of Grade 8 with distinction (a copy of the mark sheet, not the certificate), a reference from the instrumental/vocal teacher, a letter from the applicant detailing relevant musical experience, a high merit will sometimes be acceptable if supported by excellent references (in exceptional circumstances).

During Easter vacation, a shortlist will be drawn up and auditions will then be held. Applicants will be asked to play or sing two contrasting pieces of not more than ten minutes in total and to do some sight reading. A professional accompanist will be provided at the audition.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: