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University of Plymouth - Funding part time study

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University of Plymouth
Funding part time study

General Description

At Plymouth University there is funding for part time study for each academic year. This is geared at both new and existing students enrolled in part-time studies on a higher education course. There are two areas for which student may obtain funding; tuition fee and course grant. Candidates can access up to £6,750 per year in tuition funding. If you are enrolled in a private institution a you can access a tuition loan of up to £4,500 per year. Finally, there is a course grant to assist with books and travel. Eligible candidates can be enrolled at the University of Plymouth to earn any higher education level of qualification. Residents of Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland the arrangements concerning the amount of disbursement you can access will differ from the norm.


Candidates must be enrolled in either an online or on campus part-time study programme. In order to be eligible it is required that you study a minimum of 25% of what the full-time course would span.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: