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University of East London - Foyer Leavers Bursary

General information on this scholarship

University of East London
Foyer Leavers Bursary
Other limitation: 
• Students need to provide evidence to show either that they have lived in care or that they are presently living in or have lived in a foyer during the year before commencing study at UEL. • New entrant care leaver students (not foyer residents) who can show that they are responsible for paying the

General Description

The Care Leaver and Foyer Bursary comprises an award of minimum £1000 per year which is given to full-time ‘home’ undergraduate students of the University of East London, who are eligible for Student Finance England funding and have lived in care or in a foyer.


This scholarship is open to full-time undergraduate students enrolled at the University of East London aged under 25 years at the start of their course. Care leavers will need to attach a letter from their social worker, caseworker or Home manager confirming that they are a ‘care leaver’. Foyer residents will need to provide a letter which has been signed off by their foyer keyworker or foyer manager. Students will therefore first need to register with the Foyer Federation and they will then be sent a letter for completion by their keyworker.

Application deadlines

We currently do not have any information on the deadline.