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University of Winchester - Squash Scholarship

General information on this scholarship

University of Winchester
Squash Scholarship

General Description

The University of Winchester offers the Squash Scholarship with the purpose of supporting the development of any aspiring squash professional who would like to continue their education at the University of Winchester whilst also training and playing squash full-time under elite level coaches.eligible students. The Squash Scholarship involves funding of up to £10000 per annum to include all or part of the following: Reduced course fees for a full-time undergraduate degree programme provided by the Faculty of Business, Law and Sport at the University of Winchester, free student accommodation, unlimited access to University and Squash Club sports facilities, funding for a full-time professional squash training programme, sports science support, match fees, and travel allowance for international tournaments.


The Squash Scholarship is open to British or overseas applicants to full time undergraduate courses in the Faculty of Business, Law and Sport. Each candidate will be considered according to their squash ability, work ethic and academic potential.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: