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Universities Ireland - North-South Postgraduate Scholarships

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Universities Ireland
North-South Postgraduate Scholarships

General Description

The North-South Postgraduate Scheme is supported by various organisations in Ireland with the aim of promoting academic excellence among scholars while encouraging cross border exchange in different Irish jurisdictions. The focus of the program is on STEM skills which benefit not only the students involved but also the companies that are offering their financial and professional support to the scheme. The scheme is supported by a number of institutions and companies including the National University of Ireland, RPS Group, Dublin Institute of Technology, Joint Business Council of the Confederation of the British Industry, Irish Business and Employers’ Confederation, and Dublin Port. In total there are three scholarships available. Two are business related and one is non business related. The business related scholarships are valued at €15,000 and are concentrated on industry as well as business. The non business related scholarship is also worth €15,000 as well and is focused on arts and social sciences. Students who have been selected for the business related scholarship must focus their research and coursework in areas that will benefit the businesses sponsoring the scholarship.


The scholarships are open to students of all nationalities who are willing to reside in an Irish jurisdiction for up to one year while enrolled in a Master’s or PhD programme. Students from the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland must be undertaking their postgraduate studies in the other jurisdiction in order to be eligible. Students must be enrolled at an Irish or British university in a Master’s or PhD programme to be eligible for the award. Additionally, they must have graduated within the last five years from an Irish or British University. Students who are from Welsh, English or Scottish universities will only be eligible for consideration for the scholarship scheme if they were born in Ireland or Northern Ireland. Irish or Northern Irish born applicants must undertake their postgraduate studies in an Irish jurisdiction they were not born in. Students must be willing to take up the scholarship in the academic period it is being offered. Only applicants who have not started research and coursework at PhD level for postgraduate studies will be considered. And only students from Dublin Institute of Technology are eligible. Postgraduate study at universities in Wales, England or Scotland will not be considered.

Application deadlines

We currently do not have any information on the deadline.