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University College Cork
College of Science, Engineering and Food Science College Scholarships

General Description

College Scholarships are available for students attending courses in the College of Science, Engineering and Food Science at University College Cork. They are worth €1000 each. The scholarships are awarded based on the results of each of the summer first, second and third year University Examinations in specific programs. These programs are offered by the College of Science, Food Science and Engineering. Seven scholarships are awarded in each of the years.

The top three students in each subject group in each year are chosen based on the highest percentage marks. The results of the students ranked fourth in each year are compared and the student with the smallest gap in percentage point between 3rd and 4th in their group is awarded the seventh scholarship. The subject groups consist of Engineering/Mathematical Sciences/Computer Science/Physics and Life Sciences/ Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences/Food, and Nutritional Sciences/Chemistry. The Title of College Scholar is given to all first class honours recipients. The title University Scholar is given to all students who achieve first class honours in their end of year examinations but who are not awarded an Undergraduate Scholarship.


Student must have taken the examination as a whole. Student must also obtain marks that achieve a minimum of highest honours. No student is eligible to compete for a scholarship already obtained in a previous session. It is a financial prize so all scholars remain liable for their tuition, registration, and capitation fees. All scholars must devote their whole time to their University programmes and may not, without special permission from the Academic Council, undertake any outside work.

Application deadlines

We currently do not have any information on the deadline.