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University of Limerick - Elaine Fagan Scholarship

General information on this scholarship

University of Limerick
Elaine Fagan Scholarship

General Description

The Elaine Fagan Scholarship was established and funded by Michael Fagan and family. The scholarship is valued at €5,000. Five scholarships are awarded annually. Incoming students that entered through DARE are eligible. Incoming students that have a disability and can satisfy the selection committee are also eligible. This opportunity is only open to applicants from the Mid-West region. The presentation of this scholarship is based on a committee.


The applicants must be from the Mid-West region. The applicants must have entered the University of Limerick through DARE. The applicants could also be selected by the committee if they can satisfy the committee's specifications. The applicants must be incoming undergraduate students.

Application deadlines

We currently do not have any information on the deadline.