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The Waterford Institute of Technology - Sports Scholarship Programme

General information on this scholarship

The Waterford Institute of Technology
Sports Scholarship Programme

General Description

The Waterford Institute of Technology Sports Scholarship Program is avaliable to an athlete led development program. The program should be aimed at supporting the overall development of high performance athletes. This should support a wide range of sports. This scholarship is intended to allow athletes access to tailored student resources. The program can give up to 60 scholarships of varying amounts. There are three categories a student can attain with this scholarship.


The applicants must meet all the institute's qualifications.The scholarship students must compete at an International, National, Inter-provincial, Inter-County and/or Senior Club level within their respective sports. Scholarship students are expected to be active and dedicated to their club. The students must attain a high level of academic performance.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: