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Czech university of Life Science ( Prague /Czech republic) - Social scholarship

General information on this scholarship

Czech university of Life Science ( Prague /Czech republic)
Social scholarship

General Description

The Czech University of Life Science in Prague offers Social Scholarships to its students who are suffering from various financial and social hardships. Social Scholarships are intended to provide assistance to provide financial assistance to students so that they are able to continue their university studies. Eligible students collect the scholarships in the form of monthly stipends. Stipend amounts vary according to pre-determined criteria. The stipend lasts for as long as the student meets the scholarship requirements.


Any student who attends the Czech University of Life Sciences is eligible to apply for Social Scholarships. Only those students in financial need or who are suffering from unusual personal situations will qualify. Conditions of qualification for the scholarships vary and can be found on the official university message boards and on the university website.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: