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Galicia Europa Foundation - Traineeships in European Affairs

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Galicia Europa Foundation
Traineeships in European Affairs

General Description

The Galicia Europa Foundation is offering 5 Traineeships in European Affairs. These bursaries are addressed to graduates or holders of university degrees to conduct their internships in EU affairs in offices of the Galicia Europa Foundation in Santiago de Compostela and Brussels. Recipients will train in topics related to the monitoring and reporting of EU policies that most affect Galicia, in attracting EU funding and management of European projects. The ultimate goal is to provide the Galician youth mobility and access to the labour market. Length: 11 months. Value: EURO 13.620 for Brussels trainees; EURO 12.050 for Santiago de Compostela Trainees.


Applicants must be EU nationals; been born in Galicia or son of Galician parents or have residence in Galicia and have obtained a bachelor’s degree.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: