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Autonomous Community of Galicia - Master Scholarships for Job-Seeking Graduates

General information on this scholarship

Autonomous Community of Galicia
Master Scholarships for Job-Seeking Graduates
Other limitation: 
Place of main residence: Autonomous community of Galicia. Previous/current employment: Unemployed.

General Description

The Autonomous Community of Galicia is offering Master Scholarships for Job-Seeking graduates to facilitate the access of students that meeting the academic standards require this financial support to complete their studies, therefore it is a priority to support unemployed master students in order to improve their possibilities for joining the labour market. Value: total cost of Master tuition programme.


Applicants must be unemployed university graduates that are enrolled in a master programme at the Universities of A Coruña, Santiago de Compostela and Vigo; must be registered as job-seeking individuals for the last 3 years before this call; must reside in the Autonomous Community of Galicia at least 3 years before this call.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: