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CNIC-National Centre for Cardiovascular Research - Cardio-Image Programme

General information on this scholarship

CNIC-National Centre for Cardiovascular Research
Cardio-Image Programme
Eligible countries: 
United States

General Description

The CNIC-National Centre for Cardiovascular Research is presenting its Cardio-Image Programme to be developed under the collaboration agreement between the CNIC Foundation and the "Mount Sinai School of Medicine" (MSSM), which aims at the creation of a Joint Unit for Training and Research in Cardiovascular Imaging. The main objective of this program is to offer excellent training in cutting-edge methods of cardiovascular imaging, by conducting laboratory practices in the Joint Unit of CNIC-MSSM, located on the MSSM campus in New York. Length: 12 months. Value: EURO 75 per day for accommodation and subsistence expenses, round trip ticket and an insurance policy.


Applicants must be have a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Science or Technical Engineering; may have any nationality; must have proficiency in English.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: