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Jiloca Centre of Studies - Xiloca Research Allowance

General information on this scholarship

Jiloca Centre of Studies
Xiloca Research Allowance

General Description

The Jiloca Center for Study has created a Xiloca research allowance in order to foster the creation of a project which discusses any aspect of Jiloca or the surrounding mountains. The Center is seeking original and unpublished research project proposals. The amount of the allowance is 1800 Euro. One-half will be paid at the time of the award and one-half upon completion of the work. The remaining work must be completed within one year. Proposals must include a curriculum vitae, title, methodology, and present some connection to the social or economic reality of the culture. Proposals should be between 15 and 25 pages and include visual representations as the author considers necessary. Three copies are required.


The research allowance is open to all applicants.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: