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Parish Priest Mette Marslund - Peders Memorial Scholarship

General information on this scholarship

Parish Priest Mette Marslund
Peders Memorial Scholarship
Other limitation: 
Must have been born, raised, or have personal or family residence in Skårup, Vejstrup, Tved, or Brudager Parish

General Description

In March, a number of grants are given in aid of children and young people from orphanages and homes without means, born or raised or with parents residing in the parishes of Skårup, Vejstrup, Tved and Brudager. Other young people hailing from the entire former Svendborg County will only be considered in exceptional cases. Funds are granted towards their further education and other necessary purposes. Application forms can be required by mailing a stamped envelope to the undersigned president of the board of the foundation.


The recipient must be born or raised or have parents living in Skårup, Vejstrup, Tved or Brudager parishes.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: