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Marchal of Opolskie Voivodeship - Marchal of Opolskie Voivodeship scholarship

General information on this scholarship

Marchal of Opolskie Voivodeship
Marchal of Opolskie Voivodeship scholarship

General Description

Marchal of Opolskie Voivodeship offers a scholarship to students who live and study in Opolskie Voivodeship. The eligibility for this allowance depends on a student’s academic performance, grades and achievements. It is to support best and most talented students from this area.An application for this grant may be submitted by a student, his/her parents or the authorities of a university where he/she studies.


To be eligible for Marchal of Opolskie Voivodeship’s Scholarship a student must be a permanent resident of the Opolskie Voivodeship. Students who live outside this area but study at any university in Opole province may apply as well. The minimum average grade is 4.70. Students will also have to document their scientific, artistic or sport achievements.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: