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Higher School of Linguistics in Warsaw - Special scholarship for disabled students

General information on this scholarship

Higher School of Linguistics in Warsaw
Special scholarship for disabled students

General Description

Lingwistyczna Szkoła Wyższa in Warsaw offers a special scholarship for all students with any degree of disability. The only criteria for granting this special scholarship is the degree of disability of the student. The amount of the special scholarship for people with disabilities in the semester is defined by the rector himself.


Every candidate applying for a special grant for students with disabilities should provide a paper copy of the current medical confirmation of disability or certificate of partial or total incapacity to work. If the student's disability is due to expire during the academic year, the scholarship will be awarded to the month in which the disability is no longer confirmed. To continue to receive the scholarship the student must submit another application with a copy of the current confirmation of the degree of disability. The final decision is made by the council of Lingwistyczna Szkoła Wyższa.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: