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FNRS-Fund for Scientific Research (Belgium) - FRESH Doctoral Grants

General information on this scholarship

FNRS-Fund for Scientific Research (Belgium)
FRESH Doctoral Grants

General Description

The FRESH scholarships are intended for graduates of the university who intend to conduct basic research projects with high societal impact and wish to continue their studies at a university in the French Community of Belgium or a scientific institution leading to a doctorate. A doctoral student may receive a maximum of two successive exchanges. The first award is for a period of 27 months. The second award is for 21 months.


Candidates should have a second degree in one of the following areas: Philosophy, Theology, Languages and Literature, History, Art and Archeology, Art of Building and Planning,Information and Communication, Political and Social Sciences, Legal Sciences, Criminology, Economics and management, Translation and interpretation, Psychology and Education, Art and science of art.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: