Scholarship for studying abroad

Université de Liège/Wallonia-Brussels Federation - Mobility Grants (non-European countries)

General information on this scholarship

Université de Liège/Wallonia-Brussels Federation
Mobility Grants (non-European countries)
Eligible countries: 
Asia, Northern Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, North America, South America

General Description

The Mobility Grants for non-European countries are funded primarily by the Federation Wallonia-Brussels (FAME) Fund and supplemented by the Mobility fund of the University of Liège. The grants are divided into 3 categories: mobility courses, internship and scholarship student. The amount of funding awarded ranges from €400 to €700 per month and will depend on the destination country.


Candidates must be enrolled as full time students at the University of Liège.

Application deadlines

We currently do not have any information on the deadline.