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Christos Vrakas - Christos Vrakas Scholarships

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Christos Vrakas
Christos Vrakas Scholarships

General Description

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, announces the grant of 5 scholarships involving undergraduates AUTH, economically weak (to an extent could lead to discontinuation of study) with an average grade of more than 7.50 degree with honors ten (10). The list of candidates will be posted on the bulletin boards of the Endowments Department and online. The scholarship will be suspended if: a) the performance of the fellow is judged to be unsatisfactory in terms of number of test subjects b) incurable or prolonged illness prevents the continuation of studies c) the scholar discontinues his studies voluntarily before the end of his scholarship d) it is shown that the fellow receives another scholarship for the same study, e) is enrolled at another university or institution f) it is shown that the fellow breached the Laws of the State Social Protection Regime, g) the fellow does not provide the scholarship certificate for each academic year h) has a drastic reduction in annual income. The granting of the scholarship will be for twelve (12) months in total per year for each academic year.


The fellow must submit a copy of his diploma within one (1) year at the latest by the end of the time of his studies in the Department of schooling.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: