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Lutherischer Weltbund - Internationales Stipendienprogramm

General information on this scholarship

Lutherischer Weltbund
Internationales Stipendienprogramm
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Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, South America

General Description

The Lutheran World Federation Foundation(LWF) has its international scholarship and several types of exchange programs to study and training at home and abroad. The LWF support with their financial resources the churches members in personnel planning and training of qualified staff/inside.

The LWF supports persons who wishing to study at a Lutheran school in Africa, Asia or Latin America or foreigners from the Lutheran view of the world, who wish to deepen their studies in Germany and theologians /inside and religion philologists/ a partner church or a faculty Eastern Europe who want to be active. Applications for scholarships are available from the Lutheran church in their home country. Applications must be checked by a Lutheran church or a national committee of the LWF and submitted to the LWF. A direct application is not possible.


The scholarship is aimed for theology students and also for theology students before their first state examination, wishing to study at a Lutheran school in Africa, Asia or Latin America; to inside theologians / inside and religion philologists / who have passed the first Theological Examination state examination or until the date of departure; Theologians /inside and religion philologists, wanting to operate at a faculty or partner church (programmatically editors of Eastern Europe); Foreigners /inside of LWF member churches who want to deepen their studies in Germany.

Prerequisite for participation in the scholarship is an education in the interest of the Lutheran Church. The promotion is aimed at Lutheran theologians /inside and religion philologists/. Non-Lutheran candidate may also apply if a Lutheran church confirmed their education in the interest of the church and a recommendation of your own church is presented.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: