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Country: France

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Scholarships in France

Profit from a scholarship in France
There is an extensive range of scholarships available in France. These cover all three levels of degrees and there are scholarships for French, EU and non-EU students. The majority come from the national Government, but there are also EU funded scholarships, private scholarships and scholarships granted directly by some of the higher educatuon institutions.

Grants and Loans in France

Get financial aid for your studies in France
France has an extensive system of grants and loans for students in Higher Education. These are chiefly available through state programmes, which are part of the government commitment to higher education for all. France continues to increase spending on higher education, so obtaining a grant or loan to study in France can be easier than in many other countries in Europe.

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Funding for your studies in France

Agro ParisTech Scholarshipsns / 18 months
SBCF-French Society for Cell Biology SBCF Conference Bursariesns / once
Commonwealth of the Cote d´Opale Littoral Côte d'Opale research grants1680€ / 36 months
Region of Île-de-France Doctoral Allowances for Gender and Discrimination Studies2700€ / 36 months
FFI-French Infectious Disease Society FFI Research Fellowships10000€ / once
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Funding for studying a year / a semester abroad

Paris Descartes University Mobility Doctoral Scholarship1000€ / 6 months
European Commission Erasmus Mundus Action 2: LOT4 Gulf Countries1500€ / 6 months
General Council of Dordogne International mobility scholarship150€ / 9 months
Jean-François Champollion University Center Jean-François Champollion University Center Scholarship120€ / ns
General Council of Loire International mobility scholarship based on social criteria765€ / once
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The 10 Biggest Misconceptions about Scholarships

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