Scholarships in France

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Scholarships in France

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There is an extensive range of scholarships available in France. These cover all three levels of degrees and there are scholarships for French, EU and non-EU students. The majority come from the national Government, but there are also EU funded scholarships, private scholarships and scholarships granted directly by some of the higher educatuon institutions.

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Funding for your studies in France

French Ministry of Agriculture Scholarships for Higher Education550€ / 12 months
Government of France-CNOUS Dobry-Baratz Scholarshipsns / ns
AMOPA Association AMOPA Higher Education Scholarships250€ / 6 months
Singapore Economic Development Board Singapore Economic Development Board Scholarshipsns / 72 months
St.Étienne Mining Engineers Association Student Loans Scheme130€ / 12 months
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Funding for studying a year / a semester abroad

AFFDU (French Association of University Women) Renée Gerard Ecology and Environment Grant1500€ / once
General Council of Orne Grants for compulsory internships abroad1068€ / once
Territorial Collectivity of Corsica Internship Mobility Grantsns / 12 months
AFFDU (French Association of University Women)/Elsevier Elsevier Mathematics Grant1000€ / once
Académie Française Jean-Walter Zellidja Fellowshipsns / 12 months
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