Scholarships in Denmark

Country: Denmark

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Scholarships in Denmark

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Denmark is known for its great higher education system as well as the wide array of funding available for students. Both international students in Denmark as well as Danish students are afforded an immense amount of support to ease the financial burdens associated with pursuing a higher level degree.

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Funding for your studies in Denmark

The Architechture School of Aarhus Velfac Scholarshipns / ns
KEA The Scholarship Innovative Business2680€ / once
University of Copenhagen's Faculty of Social Sciences Peter Christian Abildgaards Foundation and Chief Veterinarian Hans A. Madsen and Wife's Foundation Homens / ns
Lawyer Johan Bent Albrecht-Beste Mayor Poul Larsen and wife's Scholarshipns / ns
C E Jensen Law Offices Petra Sletten's Foundationns / ns
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Funding for studying a year / a semester abroad

The Rebild National Park Society Diana and Irene Fundns / ns
Government of Denmark Scholarships for study abroad780€ / 24 months
Manufacturer Vilhelm Pedersen and Wife's Scholarship Manufacturer Vilhelm Pedersen and Wife's Scholarshipns / ns
School of Pharmaceutical Sciences Help Fund for Undergraduate and Graduate Students at and Graduates from the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences – Application for Study-related Travel Expensesns / 6 months
Claus Christiansen Chief Physician Poul Martin Christiansen and Wife's Foundation Abroad1340€ / once
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