Scholarships in Denmark

Country: Denmark

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Scholarships in Denmark

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Denmark is known for its great higher education system as well as the wide array of funding available for students. Both international students in Denmark as well as Danish students are afforded an immense amount of support to ease the financial burdens associated with pursuing a higher level degree.

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Funding for your studies in Denmark

The Architechture School of Aarhus Vola Scholarshipns / ns
Danish Crown, attn: Vagner Bøge Pig Farmers Foundation, 7th District450€ / 6 months
Enghavegård Savings and Loan for Skørpinge Faardrup Parish's Scholarshipns / ns
University of Copenhagen's Faculty of Humanities The Oliver Bishop Harriman Scholarship2140€ / once
Socialdemocrats, Frederiksbegr C Louise Ragne's Scholarship670€ / once
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Funding for studying a year / a semester abroad

Copenhagen Business School Vilhelm Christiansens Foundationns / ns
Margot and Thorvald Dreyer's Foundation Margot and Thorvald Dreyer's Foundation Grants1340€ / ns
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences' Fund for Scientifically Employed Candidates and Students at the University of Copenhagen Abroadns / ns
The Nordea Foundation The Nordea Foundation's Scholarship for Studying Abroad4000€ / once
Law Office of Bent-Ove Feldung J. Oskar Andersen's Scholarship for the Promotion of the Study of Church History Abroadns / ns
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