Scholarships in Spain

Country: Spain

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Scholarships in Spain

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Compared to other European countries there is a limited supply of scholarships available to study in Spain. This is somewhat off-set by the relatively low level of both tuition fees and the cost of living. Under current austerity measures in Spain, students must pay 15 to 25% of the real cost of their studies, so full scholarships are not an option at this time.

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Funding for your studies in Spain

Abat Oliba University Abat Oliba Foundation School Grantsns / once
CSIC (Spanish National Research Council)-Centre for Humanities and Social Sciences Doctoral Fellowships at the History Institute4170€ / 36 months
Autonomous City of Melilla Higher Education Scholarships1000€ / once
Catholic University of Avila Academic Excellence Fee Waiverns / once
IE University Dual Degree Scholarshipns / once
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Funding for studying a year / a semester abroad

University of Jaén Grants to support the achievement of International Mention for doctorates1500€ / once
Inés Luna Terrero Foundation Inés Luna Terrero Foundation Scholarships2000€ / once
University of León Grants to support attendance to the Villa de Olmedo Classic Theatre Festival150€ / once
Autonomous Community of the Basque Country International Mobility Scholarships120€ / 9 months
ceiA3-Campus of International Excellence in Food and Agriculture Grants to support the achievement of International Mention for doctorates1100€ / 3 months
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