Scholarships in Poland

Country: Poland

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Scholarships in Poland

Get support for your studies in Poland
Like many of the European Union member countries, Poland offers scholarships to students through the government, various foundations and the universities themselves. They are available to students of Polish origin including disabled applicants as well as to international students both from within the EU itself and from countries outside the EU.

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Funding for your studies in Poland

The State School of Higher Education in Oświęcim Rector's scholarship for the best studentsns / 10 months
Łużyce Humanistic Higher School in Żary Special Scholarship for Disabled Students40€ / 9 months
University of Bydgoszcz Rector's scholarship for the best studentsns / 10 months
City Council of Konin City Council of Konin Scholarship60€ / 5 months
Higher School of Artistic Crafts and Management in Wroclaw Rector's scholarship for the best studentsns / 10 months
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Funding for studying a year / a semester abroad

Copernicus Berlin e.V. Copernicus Scholarship for Polish Students of Law and Sciencens / 6 months
German Academic Exchange Centre DAAD German language course scholarship850€ / once
German National Fund Fritz Stern Scholarship1000€ / once
Visegrad Found Visegrad Scholarship Program460€ / 10 months
Fulbright Scholarship Foundation Fulbright Graduate Student Awards2380€ / 9 months
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