Scholarships in Italy

Country: Italy

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Scholarships in Italy

Benefit from a scholarship in Italy
Italy has a wealth of beauty and history. There are nearly a hundred universities in Italy and higher learning academies and institutions. 80% of them are public and the other 20% are private. As an exception, one of them is a partly owned by a private organization and the government.

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Funding for your studies in Italy

Polytechnic University of Milan (Milan/Italy) Degree prizes “Comm. Franco Trifone”5000€ / once
University of Genoa (Genoa/Italy) Incentives for merit (Fee exemption and advancement prize)ns / 72 months
Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory of Music (Milan/Italy) Scholarship "Teresina Tua"4500€ / once
University of Milan - BICOCCA (Milan/Italy) Scholarships for bachelor degree267€ / 12 months
University of Calabria (Cosenza/Italy) Scholarship fot thesis "Efficient algorithms on hybrid architectures CPU/GPU for solving optimization problems in the field of distribution logistics"167€ / 6 months
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Funding for studying a year / a semester abroad

University of Florence (Florence/Italy) Scholarship for travel/study seminar in Russia - Novosibirsk1200€ / once
Eurocentres Scholarship for offbeat student jobs4000€ / once
University of Florence (Florence/Italy) Expense refund for "Educational workshop: Analyzing Samara:a new image for the city"500€ / once
University of Florence (Florence/Italy) Grants for study at the State University Lomonosov of Moscow183€ / 3 months
University of Florence (Florence/Italy) Scholarship for travel/study in Istanbul - Turkey800€ / once
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