Scholarships in Denmark

Country: Denmark

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Scholarships in Denmark

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Denmark is known for its great higher education system as well as the wide array of funding available for students. Both international students in Denmark as well as Danish students are afforded an immense amount of support to ease the financial burdens associated with pursuing a higher level degree.

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Funding for your studies in Denmark

Esther and Jep Finks Commemoration Foundation for Architechture and Art Crafts Esther and Jep Finks Commemoration Foundation for Architechture and Art Craftsns / ns
Hanne Clausen Merchant in Nr. Hostrup Hans Jessen and wife Kela Jessen's Scholarship133€ / once
Headmaster Svend Åge Nørby Hørmester Scholarshipns / ns
Aalborg Cathedral High School Aalborg Cathedral High School's Study and Anniversary Foundation230€ / 12 months
Skt. Johannes Parish M. and J. Børsen Hansen's Congregational Scholarship for the Promotion of the Congregational Work in Vejlens / ns
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Funding for studying a year / a semester abroad

V. Feilberg Johannes and Helga Bøggild's Scholarship2000€ / ns
The Nordic Africa Institute Scholarships for PhD candidatesns / 2 months
Anglo-Danish Society Anglo-Danish Society's Scholarship for Danish Graduates300€ / 6 months
The Lauritzen Foundation The Lauritzen Foundation Abroadns / ns
The Student Society The ÖT Scholarshipns / ns
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