Financing your studies in Belgium: General overview and country-specific information

Country: Belgium

Financing your studies in Belgium

Higher Education in Belgium

Belgium is an excellent study choice
Belgium is a country endowed with renowned educational institutions which have traditional histories going back through the ages. There are 104 colleges and universities that offer students a cutting-edge educational opportunity to study their favourite subject. The field covered by an educational system largely administered by the Flemish and French communities is impressively extensive.

Financing your Studies in Belgium

Financial Aid in Belgium
Although there are three communities into which Belgium can be divided, there is not much difference in tuition fees over the country. In general, tuition fees are rather moderate, but can also extent up to 2000 €. Therefore living costs are on the average level in Europe, but they can vary depending on location. In terms of financing studies, there are many tax benefits for students beside public support and scholarships.

General information on financing your studies

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