Financing your studies in Ireland: General overview and country-specific information

Country: Ireland

Financing your studies in Ireland

Higher Education in Ireland

Study in Ireland is a real possibility
Despite years of hardships and suppression of learning, Ireland maintained its love of knowledge and is recognised today as a leader in education. Students can choose from tiny, specialised private colleges to huge, globally-minded universities as well from schools close to nature or in modern metropolises.

Financing your Studies in Ireland

Get financial support to deal with high living costs
Known for its high level of university education, Ireland is one of the most attractive countries for studying. The tuition fees are among the highest in Europe and the cost of living is also high. In case you decide to study in Ireland, you can profit from several programmes of public support, but just from few scholarships.

General information on financing your studies

The 10 Biggest Misconceptions about Scholarships

Change your view on scholarships
Only one in eight secondary school graduates with good grades apply for scholarships. This is because many have misconceptions about getting funding. Here are some of the common misconceptions.