Scholarships in Greece

Country: Greece

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Scholarships in Greece

Look out carefully for scholarships in Greece
Greece has a very long tradition of education and despite its poor economic circumstances Greece continues to maintain its scholarship system, which is administered through the IKY, or State Scholarship Foundation. All Greek and EU scholarships are centrally coordinated through this organization. There are no fees at Greek universities in first-cycle (Bachelor’s) level but post-graduate levels have fees ranging from 3,625 to 12,000 €.

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Funding for your studies in Greece

University of Macedonia University of Macedonia Scholarships450€ / 24 months
University of the Aegean Housing Benefit1000€ / once
"Parnassos" Literary Society Vlassios Varvaritis Scholarshipsns / ns
Holy Bisopric of Messinia Holy Bisopric of Messinia Scholarshipsns / ns
University of Macedonia Students' Providence Service1000€ / once
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Funding for studying a year / a semester abroad

Captain L. Fanourakis Foundation L. Fanourakis Scholarshipsns / 12 months
University of Patras A. Mentzelopoulos Scholarships3081€ / 24 months
Technological Educational Institute of the Ionian Islands Korgialeneio Administrative Council of Kefallinia Scholarships1000€ / 2 months
University of Crete Emmanouil Saklampanis Scholarshipns / 12 months
University of Crete Efi Micheli Scholarship12500€ / once
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