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Top 5 unusual scholarships in the United Kingdom:

Unusual scholarships in the UK

You always thought scholarships only exist for students with above-average performances? We present you the top 5 most weird and unusual scholarships that proof that everybody can receive a scholarship:

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Funding for your studies in the United Kingdom

The Guildford Academic Associates Reid Access Bursaryns / ns
Brunel University Women in Engineering Scholarships1895€ / 12 months
University of Bedfordshire Postgraduate Taught (excluding MBA) Scholarships and Discounts153€ / 24 months
Bangor University Lady Gladstone Scholarship50€ / 36 months
King's College London Women in Science Scholarship300€ / 12 months
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Funding for studying a year / a semester abroad

British Council British Council Offices worldwidens / ns
Royal Historical Society Postgraduate Research Fundingns / ns
Aberystwyth University US Marshall Scholarshipsns / 36 months
Wellcome Trust Master's Fellowships in Public Health and Tropical Medicine1600€ / 30 months
University College Birmingham Target Recruitment Partial Fee Waiverns / ns
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The 10 Biggest Misconceptions about Scholarships

Change your view on scholarships
Only one in eight secondary school graduates with good grades apply for scholarships. This is because many have misconceptions about getting funding. Here are some of the common misconceptions.